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Insect Control in Ghaziabad

Pest Control in Ghaziabad

We offer wide variety of solutions of Insect Control in Ghaziabad town. Petra Insect Control offers variety of Insect Control solutions like cockroach control , Insect control , Termite control , Rodent Control , Bedbug Control , general Insect Control , Clouding Support , Anti Larvae service , Residential Insect Control , commercial Insect Control in Ghaziabad


Petra Insect Control is a Govt Approved pest control operator being trained & certified by State Govt & Govt of Indian. We are also member of Indian Insect Control Organization (IPCA) a premier association of professional pest control operators in Indian.


Ghaziabad is one of the leading industrial town in Delhi NCR which has many numbers of small & medium manufacturing facility. Insect Control in Ghaziabad is become requirement of every alternate household nowadays.


Insect therapy in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is one of the highly swarmed place with existence of Harmful termites where almost every home is assaulted by Harmful termites. here strength of termites is so high that termites strikes even a being built home. Hence there is a need of a methodical & standard termite therapy with high quality of Anti-termiticide with proper volume of substance. Typically one of the commonly approved methods is to get the exploration done. At the surfaces of your home or apartments & also near to all wood created components of the property. Wooden parts contain cellulose which is the food for Insect. Harmful termites also consumes products comprised of pulps of plants.


Nowadays there is a new technology for termite therapy has come across which is the new age pipe joints program. In this method we lay the permeable pipe joints on the top surface area of the ground just before the floor to be set down. All pipe joints are well linked internal & are designed to bring to a 4 way stop box. The box has both sides of the complete pipe joints route. termite therapy will be done by a stress push from outdoor from this start part of pipe joints program. This new age termite pipe joints program helps to get the termite therapy done without complications like clearing the closets & kitchen , disturbance of routine machine , loss to building , odd looking represents on surfaces & door supports. Insect Management in Ghaziabad is become need of every different family these days.

Mosquito Management in Ghaziabad

We also offer very efficient & 100% acceptable Insect Management support in Ghaziabad. Insect are becoming a bigger problem with the change in weather circumstances & with increasing urbanisation. Dengue & Chikungunia have become a debilitating risk to human being. The bad part is that there is no drugs of Dengue & chikungunia but it’s recommended to take the rest.


Most of the mosquito repellents are not used in daytime & gradually Dengue & Chikungunia mosquito are mainly effective in daytime. During the daytime they are very effective & get into the home & strikes us once we are in relaxing condition.

Our Insect therapy is very efficient that One support continues to be efficient for at least 2 months. Solutions fragrance free & is done by very safe substances preferably designed for household utilization. After our therapy you need not to use other means of Insect repellents. Like Aerosol apply & fragrance & damaging rings etc.


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We also do Foging services for mosquito control where Heat or Cold Clouding devices are used to handle & destroy nasty flying bugs. This procedure is done exclusively in evening time when the mosquito comes out & try to get into the homes of ours. In Clouding support mosquito eliminating broker is used with the platform of either diesel fuel or water. With fogging support huge of nasty flying bugs can be reduced up to 70-80% . Many still handle to cover from the smoking.


Anti Eggs support is also used to handle the mosquito reproduction & inhabitants. Actually larvae level is the best level to destroy & control nasty flying bugs as we don’t allow them to become an mature & to reproduce further. Insect Management in Ghaziabad is become need of every different family these days.

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